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Contoh pidato Bahasa inggris

The honorable juries of  this event
Respectable master of this ceremony
Respectable Speakers
And my beloved audience
Assalamualaikum wr.wb.
All praise belong to Allah the most highest who has created as the chosen religion among other existing religions, and made it as the safer religion from the here after misery. May the blessing and peace of Allah be upon His messenger Muhammad Saw.  Who brought us from the darkness  to the lightness .
QS: Al-Alaq 1-5
, Read with (call) the name of your Lord who has created.
اقْرَأْ بِاسْمِ رَبِّكَ الَّذِي خَلَقَ
Because why I begin my speech with This Ayah, because as a young man we must read and we must know the advantages and Disadvantages when we want do something, but this ayah not also for young man this ayah also for our government and for our society, for example we know that western habit and Asian habit is different especially in our country Indonesia, but went we apply it in our habit, It’s good if we take the positive habit, the positive habit like when they make a party or meting they always come on time and also some of them come in time, it’s means that they are really discipline in timer management, how about in our country? I think you can answer by yourself, because we know in our country the terminology of elastic timer. And also there are so many else good habit from western, but this is vise versa when we apply their negative habit/culture in our habit/culture, the negative habit is like free sex we know that free sex in our country firstly  illegal, but when this illness become bigger and so many people addicted with this bad habit, our government legalize this habit because why!! our government did it? Because our government cannot handle this problem, cannot handle this bad habit and also our government cannot dissolved this problem, they just focus on about how produce a lot of money, and so that the government think with a lot of money can solve all of problem in our country, as far as we know that there are so many improvement in our country because of that, but all of things can solve by money, so what we need to do, one of the best answer is, “we can start from young man”, we know that there are so many fact or history prove this statement, for example we know that youth pledge day, or we can call it hari sumpah pemuda 28 October  1928. We know in that event there are so many ethnic groups gathering in one place we know that place  is called Jakarta to day, they made promise in one thought and in one purpose, and now we called sumpah pemuda or youth pledge day.
And also one memorable in our mindset is Rengas Dengklok incident, we know in that event our president Soekarno brought by some young man to go away from capital or from Jakarta, and as long as we know that after negotiation between younger and older in Rengas Dengklok can make our president understand how energetic young people want to take a freedom from colonizer, not just waiting for kindness from colonizer and they will give us a freedom. So I think all of you know about that history until our president took a decision to make declaration for our freedom. So… from that history we can take point of view or take a decision and also we must have spirit same as like young man in that era, and we must apply their spirit in our daily activity, especially in this modern era there are so many problems with our country especially for young man because why like I already told u, as a young man we must know what is the better chosen for us, and also we must be careful when we want doing something, as we know that young people to day is really easier  to imitated something new habit from another country, so if we want to solve this problem not just start from young man but also all of society in this country and this is obligation for our government to solve it,  but we must help our government, with what? With given understanding more about religion, and also for their family or their parent must given extra attention for their children’s so that can cut down juvenile delinquency. Because why? because “young man today will be  the leader in the future” so that we can make our country be better in the future.
 I remember one ayah said like this “Allah will rise to the high rank those that have faith and knowledge among you. He is cognizant all of your action” Qs: Almujadilah:11
From that ayah we know that as a young man we must prepare our self with Knowledge and faith so that when we become a leader in the future we  can make our country be more clean, clean from corruption, nepotism, collusion, and also to solve so many problem in our country, like juvenile delinquency, because we always remember when we want do corruption we scare to do that and because we have faith and directly that ayah  make us wake up“ He is (Allah) cognizant All of our action” so we cannot do corruption, and also for another activity, we always remember Allah every where and keep in our main set Allah is always by our side , so that it can make minimizing our mistake, and so we must have spirit like young man in the past time , who is really energetic to make an improvement in their habit and also in their country, and once again I said to young “ young people to day will be the leader in the future” so after this event we must take an action and make improvement in our life and also change our main set, if today be better than yesterday it’s means that you’re lucky person, but if tomorrow you’re  not really good than yesterday Is means that you’re unlucky person. And once again I say to you young man today will be the leader in the future”. I hope useful for us, and in the end of this speech I would like to say thank you for all of your attention, and..
wassalamualaikum warrahmatullahi wbarakatu…..

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